Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recount Text

The name of this genre is self-explanatory. The social function of this text is to share a story of what happened in the past. With this text, a writer wants to tell the readers what (s)he or someone else experienced.
The text structure of a recount starts with an orientation. This part tells the readers the main idea of the story being discussed in the text. Yes, this part gives a setting of the story, so that readers are aware of the story is about. Again, it gives an orientation. The next part is the series of events. In this part, the story starts from the very early stages. That is to say, the story develops based on the sequence of the events. Finally, after all events are presented, the writer will wrap story up with a re-orientation. In this part, the writer summarizes the story and tells his/her impression of the experience that what has been elaborated.

Some examples of recount text is a story of unforgettable experience, news article, or the information you fill in the form of LOST report at the police station.

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