Friday, July 31, 2009

The Loving Sister

A rich lady had adopted a poor orphan girl, who was very devoted, obedient, laborious, and always happy and kind.
One day the lady said to her: "Annie, you are a good girl and therefore for Christmas I shall buy some new clothes for you. I have already spoken to the shop-keeper about it. Here is the money; go and buy the smart dress that you desire so much."
The lady gave her some money, but Annie, considering the sum for a moment, said: "My dear mother, I have enough clothes for the present, while my sister Frances is still poorly dressed and if she saw me with a new dress she would certainly feel a little sad. Will you allow me to send her the money? She is very fond of me and when I was ill she used to come to my beside and be the most loving nurse."
"My dear child," said the good lady, "write to your sister and tell her to come here and stay with us, and I will give the same to both of you. Since you both have the same love for each other, I shall do my best to keep both of you happy."
By C. Schmid

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