Monday, April 9, 2012

Contoh Text Descriptive [Example of Descriptive Text] : Home Industry

Home Industry

Contoh Text Descriptive [Example of Descriptive Text] : Home Industry
Not far from the place I live, there is a home industry, it is BUANA INDAH and this name is quite well known in my hometown and the neighboring cities. It produces indoor and outdoor furniture mostly made of wood.
That this industry is big enough is a fact. The proof is that this industry employs more than a hundred workers and the production keeps increasing year by year. Furthermore, recently this industry has exported its products overseas.
This industry occupies a large area. Moreover, it is located in a strategic place, precisely near the main road, so that it is not difficult to sell their products and the buyers will be easy to reach that place.

At the front part of this place, there is a large showroom. In this room, the owner displays the products. The design of the furniture is not out of date. That the competition among the furniture producers is very tight is a fact, so that the company keeps developing the new and modern designs.

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