Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing of a Good article

An article is the literary piece of work in which the author articulates his thoughts and ideas in a coherent form. Authors express their ideas on various subjects in various creative forms. Some authors create descriptive articles that simply give description of any subject. They are more informative in nature and author does not give his opinion on the events narrated. Other articles are written from a marketing perspective. They aim at promoting a particular product or service.
There are various ways and methods to write a particular article. An author should select a topic of interest that enables him to maintain his focus. An author should write an article with focused mindset. A writer's focused mind brings continuity in the flow of thought. An author should use a headline that captures a reader's attention instantly. The headline is a basic component of an article that arouses interest or curiosity in the mind of a reader to read the article further. You should relate the introduction paragraph to the headline of the article. One should write an impressive introduction that creates a positive impact on the mind of a reader. A good introductory paragraph creates an atmosphere where the author discusses issues and situation that he intends to convey to a reader. It draws the attention of a reader to read further the article. An author describes and gives analysis of the situation or the subject discussed in the body. You can search sufficient information that you can incorporate in the article. One can also use realistic facts to support the point or an opinion made in the article.
An author should use crisp and simple sentences. Simple words are more comprehensible for a reader. You can grip the mind of a reader easily with the use of simple words. Crisp words and sentences embellish your written piece of work. A writer can give his opinion to a reader in the conclusion. He can also leave the story open-ended in which a reader to decide the conclusion of the subject.
For a well-written article, an author should search for sufficient information that supports a particular point. It gives authenticity to a writer and enables a reader to rely on the writer's information as well as views.
by Rebecca Wills

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