Friday, June 26, 2009

President opens Indonesia Creative week 2009

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono opened Indonesia Creative Week 2009 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) here on Friday morning.
Various activities such as creative products exhibition, seminar, workshop, training, consultation on intellectual property rights, and other aspects related to creative products were also held during the event.
In his opening address, President Yudhoyono said all parties should not depend only on the three pillars of conventional economy for the national economic power.
"The future of our economy should not merely rely on agriculture, natural resources, industry, and conventional services, although they are the backbone of our national economy, but the creative economy and tourism economy should be stepped up as well," the president said.
"I say two things that need our serious attention are creative economy and tourism-related economy. We have to rely on them because I want tourism-related economic contribution to our gross domestic product (GDP) even greater," he added.
According to the head of state, the creative economy that has to be developed were related with cultural heritage and technology, because according to a report from trade minister, they have a big contribution to national economy.
The president said the development of creative industry such as arts, films, graphic designs, should be preserved and maintained for the national economic growth.
"Of course all of them have economic significance. Arts, history, cultural heritage, and the others have economic significance because they are part of our national identity and therefore we have to develop and preserve," the president said.
Referring to the development of national identity, the head of state said all national elements should use logic, ethic, and aesthetic.
On the occasion the president was accompanied by First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, a number of United Indonesia Cabinet members, House of Representatives Speaker Agung Laksono, and People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) deputy chairman AM Fatwa. (*)Source: ANTARA News

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