Friday, July 3, 2009

I would like to be a DOCTOR

Bobby is ill today. He has a bad cold. He is in bed. Mother covers him up with a blanket.

"It is time to call the doctor," says Mother.

"Hello, Doctor Rita. This is Mrs Ray. Bobby is not well. Can you please come and see him?"

"Yes, Mrs. Ray, I will come and see him at ten,"says the doctor.

Here is Doctor Rita. She makes sick people well again. She gives them medicine to make the pain go away.

Doctor Rita comes to see Bobby. "Hello, Bobby, how are you?" she asks.

"I am not well, Doctor," says Bobby.

"Tell me where it hurts," says Docotr Rita.

"My head aches, Doctor. My nose runs and there is a pain in my throat too," says Bobby.

Doctor Rita tells Bobby to open his mouth.

"Say'Aahhh!" she says.

Bobby says"Aahhh!"

The doctor looks into his mouth with a torch.

"Now let me hear what your chest says," Doctor Rita tell Bobby.

"How will you do that, Doctor?" asks Bobby.

"With my stethoscope," says Doctor Rita.

"Now I need to see your ears, Bobby," says Doctor Rita.

She takes out a special torch to look inside Bobby's ears.

Then Doctor Rita feel Bobby's forehead. It is hot.

She tells Bobby, "This is my thermometer. It will tell me how hot your body is. Can you keep it in your mouth for a minute?"

"Hmm, you have a fever too.
I'll give you some medicine which will make you well again," she tells Bobby.

"Give him some hot soup, Mrs Ray. And please bring him to my clinic tomorrow," says Docotr Rita.

"Bobby, here's some hot soup. It will make you feel better," says mother.

"Mother, when you are sick, does Doctor Rita make you better too?" Asks Bobby.

"Yes, Bobby, she looks after Father and me, and Granny too. She makes ill people better," says Mother.

The next day Mrs Ray takes Bobby to the hospital.

"Doctor Rita's clinic is here. It's in the hospital," she tells Bobby.

"Look, here's an ambulance," says Bobby.

"Yes, Bobby. It brings sick people to the hospital," says Mother.
"That boy is too ill to walk. So they are taking him on a stretcher."

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