Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fast Ways to Learn Indonesian

The Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language of Indonesia. It is known as a language that uses agglutination or the process of adding affixes to the base word. This means most of the words in the language are formed by joining different words together. This beautiful language is based on one version of the classical Malay of the Riau-Johor Sultanate. The Indonesian language was first proclaimed as the official language of the country of Indonesia because of the declaration of Indonesian independence in the year 1945 and is currently spoken by almost all of Indonesia's two hundred forty million inhabitants, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the whole world. The Indonesian language as a modern dialect of Malay has borrowed a great deal of its words and pronunciation from many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Persian, Portuguese, Sanskrit and many other languages. This makes it a truly fascinating and magnificent language to learn.

There are many ways to learn Indonesian but the easiest and most cutting edge way to do so is through the use of Indonesian audio language tapes. Audio courses are based on the main idea that anticipation, graduated interval recall, learning core vocabulary, and organic learning help the student learn more and as a faster pace than conventional language courses. These tapes cover not only spoken Indonesian but also dabble a little in reading and writing the language. The best part about this method of learning is that aside from being cheaper from enrolling in an Indonesian language course at a school or hiring a private tutor, it gives you the option of being mobile as you go about learning. How so? You just pop the tape or cd into your stereo or even download it into your mp3 player and you can enjoy listening to your language lessons while on the move, in your car, doing chores or even while you are jogging to keep fit.

Another supreme benefit of using Indonesian audio language lessons is that you can continue learning even while you are in a deep sleep. You can listen to your lessons while you are lying in bed at night or even during naps. Studies say that listening to your audio lessons while your mind is in a state of sleep enables you to learn more effectively since your mind is absorbing all of this new information into your subconscious.

An added perk for using Indonesian language audio lessons is that every time you find yourself unsure that you have mastered the lesson you just finished, you can just rewind or repeat the audio lesson at no additional cost, as many times that you desire.
by Kerry-Ann

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