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GENRE (kinds of text) in English Language

There are many kinds of english text. Those are recount, report, discussion, Explanation, Exposition, new item anecdote, narrative, procedure, description, and review. Today ,lets learn on recount, report, narrative, procedure and description.

1. Recount Text
Social Function : to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining.
Generic Stucture:
a. Orientation: provides the setting and introduces the participants
b. Events : tell what happened, in what sequences
c. Reorientation: optional closure of events
Significant lexiogrammatical features:
Focus on specific participants, use material processes, circumstances on time and place, use past tense, focus on temporal sequence

2. Report Text
Social Function : to describe the way things are with reference to a range of natural, manmade, and social phenomenoa in our environment
Generic Stucture:
a. General classification: tells what phenomena under the discussion
b. Description: tells what the phenomenon under the discussion is like in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviour.
Significant Lexiogrammatical Features: focus on generic participants, use relational processes to state what is and that which it is. use simple present tense

3. Narrative Text
Social Function :to amuse, entertainn
Generic Stucture:
a. Orientation: sets the scene and intruuduces the participants
b. Evaluations: a stepping back to evaluate the plight.
c. Complication: a crisis arises
d. Resolution : the crisis is resolved
e. reorientation: optional
Significant lexiogrammatical features: focus n specific participants, use material processes, behavioral processes, and verbal processes. USe temporal conjuctions, and temporal circumstances, use past tense

4. Procedure Text
Social Function : to describe how something is accomplished through a sequences of actions or steps.
Generic Stucture:
a. Goal
b. Material
c. Steps 1-n
Significant lexicogrammatical features:
Use simple present tense, often imperative. use mainly material processes

5. Descriptive Text
Social Function : to describe a particular person, places, or things
Generic Stucture:
a. Identification: identifies the phenomenon to be described
b. Description: describes parts, qualities, characteristics
Significant lexicogrammatical features:
Focus on specific participants, use simple present tense
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