Friday, April 17, 2009

Wayang Golek : Subali

Guwarsi (Subali)

The tranquile life of the hermit in Mt. Sukendra was disturbed by Betara/god Surya, who had a reputation to play around with beautiful women. He made a love affairs with the attractive Windradi. He gave a wonderful toy, called Cupumanik Astagina. Through it, all wonders of the world and what was happening in the world, could be seen clearly. Windradi gave the toy to her daughter, Anjani. But her brothers wanted also to have it. They were quarreling noisely for the toy. Resi Gotama saw the toy and he knew what had been happened. He could not control his anger, he cursed his wife to be a stone statue. His two sons (Subali and Sugriwa) became monkeys and also Anjani’s face, hands and feet. Her sexy body remained intact. (see Ramayana).Resi Gotama did not want to live anymore in this dirty world. With Guru’s consent, he was transformed to be a god and permitted to live in the abode of gods. Windradi, as a punishment had to remain stone statue for several years. Dewi Anjani’s sexy body had tempted Betara Guru himself and a son in the form of a white monkey (Ketek Putih), Anoman (Hunaman) was born. In Javanese mystics, Ketek Putih was a name of a powerful Aji-Aji/mantra. It was said that Ketek Putih could be the fastest messenger in the world, doing any task, instructed by the owner. Anjani, after the birth of Anoman, as the wife of Guru, lived in the abode of gods. Resi Subali, was killed by Rama’s arrow, Guwa Wijaya.

The wayang has a strong tradition in the world of Java and Indonesia, representing the struggle between good and evil. This Wayang Golek puppet is on a base and stands a little over 28". He can be removed from the base and both the head and arms can be moved. It has very finely detailed carvings on the head and body, with vivid color and detailed paintings. The body is beautifully decorated in beads and Batik. Each puppet is individually carved and painted by hand making each unique. They are made for the artists who make the puppets for Asep Sunarya (puppet master) who performs worldwide. These are Indonesia's finest Wayang Golek puppets.

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