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TANGKUBAN PERAHU : One upon a time in west Java, Indonesia lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter. Her nameis Dayang Sumbi , she like weaving very much. Once she was weaving a cloth when one of her tool fell to the ground. She was very tired at the time so, she was too lazy to take it . Then she just shouted outloud. " Anybody there ? Bring me my tool. I will give you special present. If you are female , Iwill consider you as my sister. If you are male, Iwill marry you . Suddenly a male dog, its name was Tumang came, He brought her falling tool. Dayang Sumbi was very surprised. She regretted her words but she could not deny it. So, she had marry Tumang and leave her father . Then they lived in a small village Several months later they had a son. His name was Sangkuriang , he was handsome and healthy boy .

Sangkuriang liked hunting very much, He often went hunting to the wood using his arrow. When he went hunting Tumang always with him. in the past there were many deer in Java so, Sangkuriang often hunted for deer.

One day Dayang Sumbi wanted to have deer's heart so, she asked Sangkuriang to hunt for a deer. Then Sangkuriang went to the wood with his arrow and his faithful dog Tumang. But, after several day's in the wood Sangkuriang could not find any deer, They were all disappeared. Sangkuriang was exhausted and desperate. He did not want to disappoint her mother so he killed Tumang. He did not know that Tumang was his Father , At home he gave Tumang,s heart to the mother.

But Dayang Sumbi knew it was Tumang,s heart. she was angry that she could not control her emotion. She hit Sangkuriang at hes head. Sangkuriang was wounded, There was a scar in his head. She also repelled her son , and then Sangkuriang left her mother in sadness.

Many years passed and Sangkuriang became a strong young man. He wandered everywhere. one day he arrive at his own village but, he did not realized it. There he meet Dayang Sumbi. At the time Dayang Sumbi was given an eternal beauty by God so, she stayed young forever. Both of them did not know each other. So, they fell in love and then decided to marry.

But then Dayang Sumbi recognized a scar on his Sangkuriang head. She know that Sangkuriang was her son. It was impossible for them to marry , She told him but, he dont believe her. He wished that they marry soon. so, Dayang Sumbi give a very difficult condition. She wanted Sangkuriang to build a lake and a boat in one night, She said , she needed that for honeymoon.

Sangkuriang agree with the help of genie and spirits Sangkuriang tried to build them. By midnight he must finished the lake by building a dam . in Citarum river, Then he started building the boat. It was almost done when he nearly finishe it , Meanwhile Dayang Sumbi keep watching on them. She was worried when she know this so, she made lights in the east. Then the spirits thought that it was already done. It was time for them to leave they left Sangkuriang alone. Without their help he could not finishe the boat

Sangkuriang was verry angry He kicked the boat. then the boat turned out to be Mount Tangkuban Perahu it means boat upside down from a distant it looks like a boat upside down

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