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BOROBUDUR : With regards to Buddha, the name is not identify a person, but, term to denote a person who has reached BODHI, a person who has acquored absolute Englightment and is thus aware of the meaning of live. and to him is revealed the real way to liberate oneself from the constrain of KARMA. the founder of Buddhism, as we learn from history is actually a son of king name Prince Siddhartha.

Prince Siddhatha was born as the son of King Suddhodang and Queen Dewi Maya of Kapilawastu The founder of Buddhism was born in Lumbini Park. 7 days after his birth his mother , Dewi Maya Died. and went go to the paradise, Dewa Indra ( the god ). The boy was then take care by a sister of his mother the named is ( Mahaprajapati Gutami ) as soon as he had become a adult and then he want to marry Princess Gopa.

One day during a pleasure tour around city, the princess meet the following in succssion that was an old man, a sick man , a died man , and a priest. The three first meeting awakened - awareness in the Bodhisattva. " the person who will become Buddha " of the reality that suffering is inevitable and accompanise the worldly life of man. while the meeting with the priest opened the way to absolute liberation from all kind of suffering.

From that moment on he decide to leave this worldly live. he become a wandering monk and called himself as Sakyamuni ( a monk from the family sakya ). He study at prominent teacher such as Arada Kapala and Rudraka, but none of their teachings satisfied him. prince Siddhartha, therefore , decide to take hes onw way the golden ( Madyamika ) at the end he meditated under the Bodhi tree in the city of Bodhgaya in the order to attain the Englightment which constituted him the buddha. as soon he had attained absolute Englightment he was called Buddha Gautama.

The teaching of Buddha is called Drama, which also means the law. Dharma is symbolized by the wheel. the essence of the teaching is how to eliminate Karma ( causality of good and bad deeds ) how to break the Samsara circle ( suffering by endless recurrence of live ) and the end how to reach Nirwana ( a state of absolute nothingness ) Life in Samsara is suffering cause by passion, desire and therefore passion should be eradicated.

The way thought by buddha to eradicate passion not by worship, the teaching of Weda , or self torture, but by leading the novice to concentrate of meditate. this was based on the believe in Buddha and his teaching by living ethnically and by persevering, going from one stage to a high stage. Gradually desire will be eliminated and the novice will mature to receive the Budi ( consciousness ) that individually does not exist, so that he is free of Karma and Samsara and many enter Nirwana.

The Buddha can easily be recognized because he is always depicted as a human being. his statues all show him dressed simply in the robe of a monk. On his head there is a kind of knot of hair called Ushinsha , and his wavy hair coil to the right, There are two small protrusions between the brows. His hand never hold anything, but the position of the hand called is Mudra. the important to differentiate each Buddha. The face of Buddha is always depicted without emotion. The statues of Buddha exude extreme serenity and peacefulness.

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