Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ghosts around Us

When I was a child, my grandma always told me about our ancestors who already passed away which was still around of us. She wanted me being a good boy to make them proud of me. She did not want them to worry about us too much so that they will be able to go to the heaven without any concerns. One of my cousins, 6 year-old, which named “Noon” heard this from my grandma and started asking the question to my grandma about how to see our ancestors who already passed away. She replied “There are many ways to see them but I do not want you to know because they will bother you for your whole life.” That was the first one of my beliefs about the ghosts when I was young.

As you know, the young people always wanted to know more and more especially the challenging things. One day in the morning, my friend asked me to go to the temple with him and his friends. So I decided to ask him, “Tod”, who was familiar with these things. Tod told me about how to see the ghosts. The first way to see them is looking through between your legs by bending your head down. This is the easiest way to see them but I have never tried before because I was scared to see them, and I did not want them to bother my whole life. The Second way is bringing the bowl to the intersection and starting hit the bowl to invite the ghosts around there coming to get your merit. After you started hitting the bowl, you are not supposed to stop until they are all gone. This is the rule for the person who does not want them to bother your whole life.

My friend continued telling me about his story that he had experienced about the ghost at the hospital which named “Rama hospital.” Tod went to that hospital with his friends about four people including him. On the fifth floor of the hospital, there are many events happened there. He said “In the past, the patients who got serious illness and used the room on the fifth floor will pass away anyway. Some patients also had heard the voice from the next room but nobody used that room on that day.” After he knew this happened, Tod wanted to dare the ghosts on the fifth floor to show up in front of him.

First of all, Tod was trying to use the stairs but the door on that floor was closed because the owner did not want anybody to get in there. Someone said the owner gave that floor to be the place for the ghosts and the spirits because he forgot to build the shrine when the hospital was built in 1995. Then, Tod used elevator instead of stairs but he could not press button to stop on the fifth floor around 3 times. Therefore, Tod decided to ask his friends to try using the elevator for last time before they left but his friend did not want to waste of their time. Finally, he got successful in convincing his friends to try with him last time.

All of them went to the elevator so fast so that they could go home before it was turning dark but the elevator still did not work. They could not push the button to stop on the fifth floor. Luckily, the elevator stopped at the fifth floor by the time by itself. At that moment, no one spoke any words or any sentences. Tod started speaking first “Hey! Why the elevator is stopped?” His friend retorted “I DON’T KNOW!!!” In the meanwhile, all of their eyes starred at the same point which looked like the person sitting on the chair in the dark. A few seconds later, that guy who sitting in the dark turned his face to look at Tod and his friends. All of them still kept quiet in the elevator. Finally, the door of the elevator slid in order to close slowly, and the elevator moved down to the first floor. No one spoke anything until they arrived to Tod’s car.
“Did you see the man?” Tod asked slowly.

His friend replied “umm…yes. What do you think? What we should do next?” Tod said “I have no idea. One thing that I know so far, I was scared. Be honest, I still see him sit behind the car.” Immediately, they all started praying to contribute their merit to him, and also they asked him not to bother them. A few minutes later, he disappeared without any reasons. Tod drove directly to get his home as soon as possible.

In the next morning, they and I went to the temple together to contribute our merit to that guy and the dead people after that he told me about how to see the ghost and told me about his experience that he faced yesterday. “That was the most scare in his life,” he said. He did not want to dare the ghosts anymore.

In my opinion I do not think it is a good idea to bother them because they are also like us, and they do not want anybody to bother him. I have never seen the ghost before; however, I have never dared them to show up in front of me because I respect them as they are the human. The reason that they are still here is concerning in their family as same as our ancestors do. They do not want to do harm anybody. They only care about their family. If you have free time, it would be better to contribute your merit to the dead people.

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