Monday, February 2, 2009

Get married and stay healthy

Being married is good for your health, but it might make you fat. These are the conclusions of a comprehensive new report issued by the US National Center for Health Statistics, which was based on a survey of 127,545 American adults. According to the report, nearly 60% of American adults married, 10.4% are separated or divorced, 6.6% are widowed, 19% are never married and 5.7% are living with a partner. The report also says marriage varies among race, with 61 percent of white adults being married, 58 percent of Hispanic adults, and 38 percent of black adults.

The main findings from the report suggest that married adults are:
• least likely to experience health problems.
• the least likely to engage in risky health behaviors (promiscuous sex)
• less likely to suffer from a variety of ailments, including, back pain, headaches, and psychological stress.
• less likely to drink and smoke
• more physically active
• slightly overweight or obese, especially men (70.6 percent of husbands were overweight or obese compared with 65.1 percent of all men.)
• less likely to smoke, drink heavily or be physically inactive.

Unfortunately the scientific reasons why married adults are healthier are as yet unknown and the benefits cannot be transferred to the young, single, sexually active, drinking and smoking sections of society. So next time you feel unhealthy, visit your local matchmaking service instead of your doctor.

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