Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reasons To Study A Foreign Language

With the recent technology advances we have witnessed in the past couple of years, we are being introduced to innovative programs and websites that are devoted to foreign languages. Why would you think about this? After all, why would you want to study a foreign language anyway? I have only listed a small portion of the benefits here. There are practically thousands to think of.
Travel Do you ever get that sense where planning for something is just as fun as actually doing it? Learning a new language not only makes the journey more exciting , but you can begin your trip early by communicating out loud while you imagine yourself socializing with people . If you practice the sentences that you want to speak, you ultimately keep yourself from getting over frustrated.

Relatives Everybody has a family and every family has a story . It's just a natural thing to be intrigued in learning about your ancestors . After all, they do share our DNA. It doesn't matter if you want to simply write them a personal letter or actually go travel to visit them. Once you get used to speaking a new language, it's a whole new adventure.

Comprehending your first language When you learn a foreign language, you learn to pay more attention to expressions, terminology , sentence construction , etc. You cant deny the fact that there will be certain aspects that you will just catch on too. The result? You realize and learn more about your own native language. I remember one time my high school English teacher told me that one of the best ways to learn more about English was to learn a foreign language. He was right on about that one. I can tell you from familiarity that I did a lot better in school when I learned a foreign language.

Job Advancement An emerging thing among colleges is studying abroad. Those who are multilingual always have the edge.They get the best internships while in school and after graduation . The big companies and agencies always equate a higher paying job to being multilingual.

Challenge Perhaps you have traveled everywhere and you want to take a look at it from a different point of view.What else is there to do, besides trying to learn a second language?

Poetry and the Appreciation for Opera Artistic works done in another language most times cannot be appreciated when it's transferred into English. This is most present when listening to poetry. That's why when poetry is translated into English, you will notice that the poems and verses are sometimes altered . By listening to the verses in their original native language, you will allow to appreciate the overall experience more than before.

Appreciation for Culture To understand the language, you must first comprehend the culture. For example, what exactly is Almendra and Spechilas? And how about foreign movies that speak and act a wholly different language? How would it feel to watch a film and completely ignoring the subtitles?

Good for the Brain Adults and kids alike both benefit from the mind stimulation power from learning a new language. Seniors benefit the least from learning a new language, although they will see a little difference. I have also read that scientists can accurately say that students are better able to solve tasks and situations when they learn a foreign language because they are more creative .

Impress that special someone At the end of the day, just being able to speak a foreign language will allow you and your date to connect on another level. Even if your date doesn't know how to speak another language, they will be extremely impressed by the attraction that a foreign language has on people.
by Kevin States

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