Saturday, February 14, 2009

Health Energy Drinks

Hey guys, my name is David. I live and work in a small town and as the years fly by I feel more and more tired after a long day at work. I have tried going to bed earlier, changing my work schedule so that I can wake up later, tried drinking sodas and coffee... but nothing really WORKED like I wanted it to. I came home from work one day and started flipping through the channels and saw some ads on TV for energy drinks and I decided to try one.

Since the time that I first tried an energy drink, it was a match made in heaven. My days went faster, my eyes were less droopy, and I had that old spring back in my step... but it was soon to pass. My body began adapting itself to the large amounts of go juice. Before long, I had to try a different energy drink. It worked! But every drink that I tried, my body would eventually adapt to them, leaving my body tired again.

I have tried just about every energy drink known to man and now switch between a few of my favorites. People, websites, and companies try to sell us (the general public) with miracle energy drinks that end up making us crash, not working at all, or taste completely horrible. So I'm FED UP WITH IT! I can't stand that! So I will NOT try to sell you anything, and I will tell you that on my site, I do have some amazon links, pay no mind to them, all profit made there goes to a couple of local charities.

Since I have been around the block a time or two, I have seen, and drank excessive amounts of, some great products and have my favorites. I would like to invite you to my site where you will see my review on some of the major brands of energy drinks, what they have in them, and how that will affect your health and performance. Anyways, it was a pleasure and God bless!
by David

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