Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wayang Golek : Semar

Semar or Sang Hyang Ismoyo is the elder brother of the supreme god - Guru. He is assigned to live in the earth to escort ksatrias. Figures of Semar and Ponokawan are purely Javanese Wayang. The words of Semar are from sengsem (to lure) and Marsudi (to search, to do) meaning one is lured to search or do good things. The other names of Semar are : 1. Badranaya : Badra means dark cloud; Naya means face. As a clever man, one has to have a bright face (happy, do not appear with dark face). 2. Bojagati : boja (food) symbolizing knowledge, gati (real, true) meaning a true and correct knowledge. So, it is meant a wise man always teaches a true and correct lesson.

White tufted hair (Kuncung Putih)
Kuncung : tufted of hair above forehead
Putih : white
Semar with kuncung putih indicates that he is a wise man, a perfect meditator.
White face of Semar Symbolizing a teacher with a kind and honest face, his pupils shall follow all his instruction gladly. On the contrary, a teacher with a black face, the pupils shall abide the instruction because they are afraid of him.
One tooth of Semar means A teacher should speak only of the truth.
Black body of Semar Means "Don't do anything wrong to achieve your goals".

One of the clowns in the Wayang Golek tradition. This special piece can not be found in stores. Through our connections with the artists we have obtained this unique piece. He is used exclusively for the shows and in loved by the crowd especially the children. His head and tongue move and his tongue sticks out as the wires are manipulated. The wayang has a strong tradition in the world of Java and Indonesia, representing the struggle between good and evil. This puppet is on a base and stands a little over 27". It can be removed from the base and both the head and arms can be moved. It has very finely detailed carvings on the head, with vivid color and detailed paintings. The body is decorated in Sarung. Each puppet is individually made by hand making each unique. They are made for the artists who make the puppets for Asep Sunarya (puppet master) who performs worldwide. These are Indonesia's finest and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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