Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wayang Golek : Cepot

In Wayang, the ksatria of Pandawa, especially Arjuna was always accompanied by their loyal servants clown, by the name of Ponokawan. Semar and his sons Gareng, Petruk and Bagong are the servants of kings and ksatrias with good behavior fighting for the truth. Togog and Bilung, on the contrary are serving bad rulers and knights.Although they are only servants with ugly faces and disproportional bodies, but they are very wise and good advisers.
Semar, a very fat man with big belly and enormous buttock has an uncontrollable disposition for farting.

Petruk, a tall man with a very long nose.
Gareng, with his misshapen arms and cross-eyes.
Cepot (Bagong), With a squat body and has very big eyes.

They are joking most of the time and ridicule each other but they reflect wisdom and truth. Ponokawan (pono means clear vision, clever and Kawan means companion, who are clever with clear vision, can give a wise advice.

One of the most popular clowns in the Wayang Golek tradition. This special piece can not be found in stores. Through our connections with the artists we have obtained this unique Wayang Golek. This Wayang Golek is used exclusively for the shows and in loved by the crowd especially the children. His head moves and his jaw sticks out as the wires are manipulated. The Wayang Golek has a strong tradition in the world of Java and Indonesia, representing the struggle between good and evil. This Wayang Golek puppet is on a base and stands a little over 24". It can be removed from the base and both the head and arms can be moved. It has very finely detailed carvings on the head, with vivid color and detailed paintings. The body is decorated in Sarung. Each Wayang Golek puppet is individually carved by hand making each unique. These Wayang Golek are made for the artists who make the puppets for Asep Sunarya (puppet master) who performs worldwide. These are Indonesia's finest Wayang Golek puppets and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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