Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Benefits of a Clean, Healthy, Energy Drink by Doug Preston

"Shake Well" is not a phrase commonly found on energy drink labels today. In fact agitating the delicate balance of Sodium, Carbonation, Sugar and Caffeine at all would run the risk of actually ruining your energy drinking experience. It may seem like a crude logic but the words "shake well" hold a lot of weight to me and they should to you as well. It denotes that there are certain organic characteristics of a product but it's a label used far too seldom.

Just walk into a gas station and look aground. You'll see Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Amp, 5 Hour Energy, Red Line and Full Throttle to name a few. We seem to be bombarded with so many different options in energy drinks but are we really? As you browse the never ending wall of energy drinks you should ask yourself "are they really so different?" The answer is of course no. While some are not as bad for you as others you would be lying to yourself if you thought any of them were actually good for you. There has been a demand for some time now for an energy drink that is not only good for you but can deliver the high levels of energy that some of the more unhealthy energy drinks are able to attain, oh and would it be too much to ask to have it taste good too?
You may have seen the recent media frenzy over energy drinks and their dangerous levels of caffeine and sugar. As a result a few energy drink products have received a bad reputation. What have energy drink companies done to rectify this? Many have decided to choose one over the other. In other words, many companies will pump their drinks full of sugar and limit the amount of caffeine or vice versa; they will fill their products with caffeine and limit the sugar content. This allows them to advertise their products as "low sugar" or "low caffeine" depending on which one they are promoting. It is an advertising gimmick designed to continue selling energy products without really improving the product itself. It is a gimmick that the FRS Energy System doesn't need to partake in.
When companies advertise that their products are "low sugar" or "low caffeine" consumers trust that "low" means an acceptable level. However, they are in the business of selling products not protecting consumers. It has been shown that the combination of caffeine and sugar inhibit the body's ability to absorb water. This is also true for drinks such as coffee and tea but those are not marketed as energy drinks and promoted to athletes and active people. You will not see runners chugging coffee track side. In general, sports drinks should hydrate the body and replace vital salts lost through physical activity. The combination of caffeine and sugar in some energy drinks is alarming and yes, dangerous.
The FRS Energy System truly sets itself apart in the world of not only healthy energy drinks but all energy drinks. It is deliberately formulated to work for people in times of physical exertion. The FRS Energy System does not depend of caffeine for its' boost energy but rather natural ingredients. Ingredients like Quercetin which is a very powerful antioxidant found in apples and grapes. The FRS Energy System delivers smooth, natural, energy with a light fruity taste that only makes you want to drink a little more. Take the advice of a former Red Bull junkie; pick up an FRS Energy Drink, "shake well" and enjoy the ride.

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