Sunday, September 6, 2009

Timun Mas

In ancient times, there lived a couple of farmers. They lived in a village near the forest. They lived happily. Unfortunately they have not only blessed with a single child.
Every day they pray to the Almighty. They prayed for a child immediately given. One day a giant through their homes. The giant heard the prayer of the husband and wife. The giant then give them the seeds of cucumbers.
"Plant these seeds. You'll get a girl, "said Giant. "Thank you, Giant," said the husband and wife. "But one condition. At the age of 17 years of the child should you give to me, "said Giant. Husband and wife were very long for a child. Therefore, without thinking they agreed.
Farmer's wife's husband and then plant the seeds of cucumbers that. Every day they take care of the plants began to grow it as quickly as possible. Months later grew a golden cucumbers.
Cucumber fruit was becoming increasingly large and heavy. When the fruit is ripe, they pick it. With their carefully cut the fruit. Their surprise, inside the fruit that they find the baby girl is very pretty. Husband and wife were very happy. They gave the baby's name Timun Mas.
Year after year passed. Timun Mas grown into a beautiful girl. Both parents very proud of him. But they became very afraid. Because the birthday of the Timun Mas-17, the giant came back. Giant promises to take Timun Mas.
The farmer was trying to calm down. "Wait a minute. Timun Mas is playing. My wife will call, "he said. The farmer soon see his son. "Anakkku, take this," he said as he handed her a cloth bag. "This will help against the Giants. Now run as fast as possible, "he said. Mas Timun then immediately fled.
Husband and wife were saddened by the departure of Timun Mas. But they are not willing to have his son become the food giant. Giants waited long enough. He grew impatient. He knew, had lied to the husband and wife. Then he destroyed the farmer's cottage. Then he pursued into the woods Timun Mas.
Giants immediately ran after Timun Mas. Giants closer. Mas Timun soon took a handful of salt from the cloth bag. Then the salt was sown into the Giants. Suddenly a wide sea was lying. Giants forced to swim with difficulty.
Timun Mas running again. But then the giant almost caught up with him. Timun Mas magic again took it from his pocket. He took a handful of chili. Chili was thrown to the giant. Immediately tree with branches and sharp thorns giant trap. Giant screamed in pain. While Timun Mas ran for cover.
But the Giants really strong. He was again almost caught Timun Mas. Mas Timun then took out a third magical objects. He spread the seeds of cucumbers magic. At once a garden of cucumbers grow very large. Giants very tired and hungry. He also ate a cucumber-fresh cucumbers with gusto. Because of too much eating, sleeping giant.
Timun Mas escape again. He ran hard. But his strength gradually exhausted. Worse because the Giants woke up from sleep. Giants once again close to him. Mas Timun very scared. He also threw his weapon of last resort, a handful of shrimp paste. Again, a miracle happened. A vast lake of mud stretching. The giant fell into it. His hands almost reached Timun Mas. But the lake was pulled into the mud bottom. Giant panic. He could not breathe, and then drowned.
Cucumbers Mas relief. He has survived. Mas Timun returned to his parents' house. Father and Mother Timun Mas glad to see Timun Mas survived. They welcomed him. "Thank You, Lord. You saved my son, "they said happily.
Since then Timun Mas can live quietly with her parents. They can live happily without fear again.

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