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Fabel is a kind of children story which tells about animal life as seem to be human life. In the fabel the figure of animal can talk and do it the same activities as human.

In the modern fabel, man was inserted as a companion with the animal figure. The modern fabel shows the communication and interaction between man and animals which acted as a human.

The end of the Lutung

Lutung is a kind of black monkey in the West Java, Indonesia. One day, Lutung walked limping and shuffling on the sand. He has got an accident falling down from a tree. His body was exhaustedly weak. He was very starving unfortunately the nearest forest was very far from him. He pushed himself to finally come into a mouth of river. He drank a water greedily. Suddenly, he heard a voice of jungle cock, "Why do you look so pale, monkey?" asked the jungle cock, who was picking shrimp up from the river. "Please, fly me to the forest across this river ," asked Lutung. The jungle cock agreed to flew him to the nearest forest. Lutung held on the jungle cock paw. When they arrived at the forest, the Lutung did not want to held off his hand from jungle cock paw. Even though, he pulled out all of jungle cock feather. The jungle cock became unconsciousness.

"He shall be died", though Lutung. So, Lutung hid the jungle cock body in the wood and left him to find a fire in the forest.

The jungle cock woke up and found himself loose all his feather. He cried when the cow came by. "What is the matter with you? Who is very cruel animal pulling up all your feather?" asked cow curiously. The Jungle cock told the whole story. The cow became very angry when he heard what has Lutung done. "He must pay for it", said the cow. He ordered the jungle cock to hide in the shrub.

When Lutung got back with a fire he could find the jungle cock. "Do you see where is the dead body of jungle cock I left here?" asked Lutung. "The jungle cock has not been died, he swam to the sea", said cow.

The Lutung asked cow to bring him to the rock in the centre of the sea. Lutung though that the jungle cock might be hiding in that rock. the cow nicely agreed to send Lutung to the rock. The cow swam and brought the Lutung to the rock where he asked for. Without any suspicious the lutung jump up to the rock happily. The cow left him alone when he was far enough from the cow he said "I hope you will be died eat by the giant octopus". Lutung realised what happened done to himself, he sat on the top of rock and cried.

When the time passed by, Lutung heard a voice from the sea "Why are you cry" asked the turtle. " And I wonder why you may get here". " I come here by a boat, but my boat twisted up and finally I come to this miserable place" answered Lutung. The turtle felt sorry for him and agreed to bring the Lutung back to the beach.

When the they arrived on the beach Lutung said "How can you go swim so fast?". "It because my special feet", answered turtle. "May I see your special feet?" asked Lutung. Lutung turned turtle over his body. However, when the turtle has turned over, the Lutung immediately left him and went on to find a lion the King of the Jungle. He tough that only a lion who could pick out the delicious turtle meat from his hard shell.

Turtle cried and shouted for help. "What is happened with you?" asked a mouse. Turtle told the whole sad happened to himself. The mouse become very angry. He and other mice dug sand below the turtle body. They hoped when the water up and high the turtle shall turn over easily.

Meanwhile, they were waiting for Lutung arrival. The mice covered the turtle body with the body of themselves. And they danced and made a poem sound "Let us be happy .. with the funny Lutung .. who has cheated the King of The Jungle... who though there was a delicious turtle but ..". Lutung who came with the lion become very surprised. He wonder where was the turtle. After heard the poem of mice the lion become very angry because he felt foolish to be cheated.

"Where is the turtle you told me?" asked the lion furiously. The lion caught the lutung with his sharp claw and brought him with his mouth to the jungle.

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