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The Legend of Princess Loro Jonggrang

Once upon a time in Java Island, especially in Prambanan, there are two Hindu kingdoms, they are Pengging and Kraton Boko. Pengging Kingdom is a prosperous and welfare kingdom that is lead by a wise king named Prabu Damar Moyo who has a son named Raden Bandung Bondowoso.

Kraton Boko is a part of Pengging Kingdom jurisdiction who is lead by a cruel and fully anger king that is not a man but a giant who is a man eater, named Prabu Boko. However, Prabu Boko has a very beautiful daughter named Princess Loro Jonggrang. Prabu Boko also has a minister named Patih Gupolo that is a giant too. Prabu Boko has a desire to revolt and has control over Pengging Kingdom. Therefore, together with Patih Boko, they gathered the power by training men to become soldiers and collect goods from civil people as provisions.

After having enough preparation, Prabu Boko and all soldiers go to Pengging Kingdom to revolt. Then the war between Pengging and Boko Soldier happen in Pengging kingdom. A lot of soldiers died from both side. People of Pengging become suffer, hunger and poor.

Knowing that his people were suffering and there were lots of soldiers died, Prabu Damar Moyo send his son, Raden Bandung Bondowoso to have a battle with Prabu Boko. The fighting between Raden Bandung Bondowoso and Prabu Boko was very furious. Because of the power of Raden Bandung Bondowoso, Prabu Boko can be defeated and died. When Patih Gupalo found out that his king has died, he ran away from the battle. Raden Bandung Bondowoso chases him to Kraton Boko.

After arrive at Kraton Boko, Patih Gupalo reported to Princess Loro Jonggrang that her father has died in the battle, that he was killed by a Pengging knight named Raden Bandung Bondowoso. Then the princess cries, she is very sad because of the death of her father.

Raden Bandung Bondowoso finally arrives at Kraton Boko. He is surprise when he saw Princess Loro Jonggrang that is very beautiful, so he propose her to become his wife.

However, Princess Loro Jonggrang does not want to marry Raden Bandung Bondowoso because he has killed her father. To refuse his propose, Princess Loro Jonggrang has a strategy. She has 2 requests that should be fulfilled by Raden Bandung Bondowoso so that she will agree to marry him. The first request is that she asks him to make Jalatunda well. The second one she asks him to make 1000 temples in one night.

Raden Bandung Bondowoso accepts the requests. Immediately he starts to make Jalatunda Well and asks Princess Loro Jonggrang to see it. Then, Princess Loro Jonggrang asks Raden Bandung Bondowoso to go into the well, and after that she ordered Patih Gupolo to pile up the well with stone. Both Princess Loro Jonggrang and Patih Gupolo thought that Raden Bandung Bondowoso already died in the well, however Raden Bandung Bondowoso still alive. He meditated and finally he can get out form the well safely.

Raden Bandung Bondowoso was very angry with Princess Loro Jonggrang and look after her, but because of her beauty, his anger become calm down.

After that, Princess Loro Jonggrang asking Raden Bandung Bondowoso to do the second request which is to make 1000 temples in one night. Therefore Raden Bandung Bondowoso commanded jinn to make the temples immediately. However Princess Loro Jonggrang intends to foil his effort to make the temples. She ordered the girls to pound and burn stubbles, so that it looks like bright that means the morning has come and make the cocks crowing loudly.

Hearing the cock crowing and people pounding rice and also see the brightness in east, therefore the jinn stop making temples. Jinn reported to Raden Bandung Bondowoso that they cannot continue build the temple because morning has come. Raden Bandung Bondowoso got the feeling that morning has not come yet. He ask Princess Loro Jonggrang to count the amount of the temples and come out that the total is only 999 temples, there is still 1 temple left. Therefore Princess Loro Jonggrang refused to marry Raden Bandung Bondowoso. Feeling deceived Raden Bandung Bondowoso become very angry and curse her "Loro Jonggrang, there is only 1 temple left, let you be the one to make it complete". It was a miracle that suddenly Princess Loro Jonggrang transformed to a stone statue.

Until today, the stone statue of Princess Loro Jonggrang is still in Candi Prambanan and Raden Bandung Bondowoso cursed the girls around Prambanan area to become old virgins because they have helped Princess Loro Jonggrang.

Based on what is believed by old people, the couple who are dating in Prambanan temple will be broke up.

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