Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The letter order from the king

Long time ago, there were two minister in the royal palace, minister Sarotama and minister Tegapati. They had the same duty. However, the character of them were very contradiction. Tegapati was disliked by many people because his rudeness. It seem that the King was more like Sarotama because he had good ability. Tegapati become very jealous, He tried hard to make Sarotama name badly so the King would hate Sarotama.

One day, Tegapati ordered his dependable men to take a jewellery of The King, He hid that jewellery at Sarotama house, no one in that house knew what he has done. He planned to make Sarotama accused as a thief. And so Sarotama was being accused when a box full with jewellery found in his house by the guard who searched in every house.

Sarotama could not approve himself not guilty because all evident were pointed to him. So The King became very angry and believed that Sarotama was guilty. He ordered Sarotama to deliver a secret letter order to the executioner . The letter ordered the executioner to cut off every body head who delivered the letter. The punishment place were 4 km from the royal palace, so Sarotama might come to his house and take his best horse.

When he arrived at his house, all neighbours have prepared the last ceremony for say good bye to Sarotama. Tegapati were there too. He reminded Sarotama how was important the King letter. "So, do you think the letter order from the King is more important than a bowl of rice?" said Tegapati from the back of his horse. Tegapati did not know what was the letter told about, He though the letter should be the important letter that delivered as the last honourable duty of Sarotama before he deserved the punishment.

"I am very sorry, my neighbours is like my family. I will send this letter immediately after I finished my last ceremony. "Asked Sarotama politely. "Where is the letter? I can deliver it for you". Said Tegapati. Tegapati planned to deliver the letter and told the King that Sarotama has disobeyed the King order. "So the King will give the punishment more hard to Sarotama", though Tegapati.

Sarotama did not agree, the letter would be delivered by himself. Suddenly, Tegapati snatched the letter and ran his horse fast.

When Tegapati came to the address written in the letter. He was very surprised when he knew what is in the letter told about The letter told executioner to cut every body head off who delivered the letter". "You must be misunderstand, it was not me". Tegapati tried to explain that Sarotama who was deserved. "Don’t try to deny!" said the executioner. He told his man to tie Tegapati and when the sun is up. Tegapati was lost his head from his neck.

Source: Kawanku magazine, translated by Yeffry HP

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