Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wayang Golek : Anggada.

Depending on which version of the story to be told Anggada is either the son of Vali (Subali) or Sugriwa. In the most popular Indonesian telling Prabu Sugriwa, became the king of Gua Kiskenda, the kingdom of the monkeys. He and the whole army of monkeys served faithfully to Rama to free Sinta from Alengka. He married to Dewi Tara and had a son Anggada, who became the chief-warrior of the kingdom. In more classic stories he is the son of Vali(Subali) and Tara. Sugriwa is asked to care for him when Rama slays Vali with his arrow. He later became the captain of the army which helped saved Shinta. He served under Hunaman and remained loyal to Rama.

The Wayang has a strong tradition in the world of Java and Indonesia, representing the struggle between good and evil. This puppet is on a base and stands a little over 30". This Wayang Golek puppet can be removed from the base and both the head and arms can be moved. He has very finely detailed carvings on the head and body, with vivid color and detailed paintings. The Wayang Golek's body is beautifully decorated in beads and Batik. Each Wayang Golek puppet is individually made by hand making each unique. They are made for the artists who make the puppets for Asep Sunarya (puppet master) who performs worldwide. These are Indonesia's finest.

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