Thursday, July 9, 2009


Reports classify or describe something eg a combine harvester.
Reports begin with a general statement which introduces the topic.
In the description, facts (parts, qualities, habits and behaviours of the subject) may be described.
Example of a report: shows the structure and language features of a report text.

Writing reports

When writing reports you will need to:
• use technical terms eg comb, threshing, drum
• write in simple present tense eg harvest, cuts.

Refer to the sample report text to answer the following questions.

1. List some more technical terms from the text.

2. List some words that are written in the present tense.

Practice by writing a report on a topic of your choice.
• a new tractor
• the latest four wheel drive vehicle
• a new herbicide
• a topic of your choice.
Don't forget to include technical terms and verbs (action words)

Suggested answers

1. Other technical words: combine harvesters, reaping, winnowing, auger, stubble, grains, head, straw, chaff.

2. Other words written in present tense: pulls, graze, passes, blow.

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