Saturday, October 15, 2011

6 Dangers of Sugar Sweetness

bitter for health impact. Therefore we must look at the intake of sugar every day is not more than two teaspoons, especially in children due to excessive sugar consumption per day have an impact on health.

Even though their impact is not instantaneous, but potentially damaging to the body of excess sugar, starting from obesity, to the destruction of blood vessels that lead to heart disease, even cancer. Excessive sugar also affects the mood and skin health.

For more details, see the damaging effects caused six of the sweetness of sugar.

1. Increases the risk of diabetes

Although laymen often called diabetes mellitus with diabetes, but the actual disease is not caused by too much sugar. Excess intake of sugar will increase the weight which is a major risk factor for diabetes defect.

In addition, too many mengasup foods containing added sugars will also improve blood sugar levels so that over time causes insulin resistance and inflammation. To be sure, those who already suffer from diabetes mellitus are required to limit their daily sugar intake.

2. Cause acne

Dermatology experts are still debating whether the food is high fat and sugar causes acne. But some research suggests that food has a high glycemic index levels will trigger inflammation and production of oil that cause acne.

The glycemic index is the speed of food in improving blood sugar levels. Foods with high levels glikemiks among other drinks that contain sugar, chocolate, carbohydrates are filtered, and much more. Research shows teens are more mengasup low glycemic index foods have fewer pimples.

3. Damage the heart

Too many fatty foods are not the only thing that caused the high risk of suffering from heart disease. Diasup sugar levels are also directly affect heart health because it increases levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found people who got more calories from added sugar 20-30 percent higher risk of suffering hipertrigliserida. If we mengasup more sugar than necessary, the excess will be stored in the form of triglycerides in fat cells inflicted.

4. Cause depression

Sugar-rich foods, including carbohydrates, will cause more unstable emotions. This happens because sugar triggers the body to release serotonin, the happy hormone, but too much sugar will cause the opposite effect.

Conduct disorder is also strongly associated with sugar. When we mengasup much sugar, blood sugar will quickly rise but also fall quickly. These fluctuations will also affect the metabolism and mood. In patients with schizophrenia, these fluctuations exacerbate the disease.

5. Increases the risk of fungal infection

Fungal infections, both occurring in the area of ??the mouth or intimate part, occurred due to uncontrolled growth of Candida bacteria. These bacteria actually live naturally in our bodies and are controlled by the immune system. But when our excessive intake of sugar, extra sugar that is found also in saliva and urine to become the food of bacteria.

6. At risk of cancer

Although still controversial, but some experts believe the cancer cells get their food from sugar. Although no direct link has not been proven, the excess sugar will definitely cause obesity which became one of cancer risk factors.

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